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Direct Sales


The Look of Excellence...In Brick

Sumas Clay Products offers the largest variety of refractory bricks on the market and we have the capability to customize our products to suite your needs.

Mission Statement
To provide quality bricks in a variety of colors and textures to suit the needs of our customers.
Vision Statement
To create a one-stop resource for our valued customers.

The construction industry is a rapidly growing industry in today's day and age.  New businesses are being built to get ready for the 2010 Olympics. Construction companies are in their prime.
In business, the primary objective is to save money. Save money and earn profits.  In order to increase the profits of a business is to reduce the cost of materials used or inventory needed. If you want to decrease your cost, you need to find the best possible alternative.
Sumas Clay Products has the advantage the most masonry distributors don't have. We are manufacturing direct.  Our raw materials are located on the base of Sumas Mountain that is in the backdrop of our company. 

Here you see Ray Silver Sr. is inspecting a fresh batch of bricks.


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Sumas Clay Products * 3087 Sumas Mountain Road * Abbotsford BC * Canada * V3G 2J2